MIGHTEE: multi-wavelength counterparts in the COSMOS field

In this paper we combine the Early Science radio continuum data from the MeerKAT International GHz Tiered Extragalactic Exploration (MIGHTEE) Survey, with optical and near-infrared data and release the cross-matched catalogues. The radio data used in this work covers 0.86 deg2 of the COSMOS field, reaches a thermal noise of 1.7 μJy/beam and contains 6102 radio components. We visually inspect and cross-match the radio sample with optical and near-infrared data from the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) and UltraVISTA surveys. This allows the properties of active galactic nuclei and star-forming populations of galaxies to be probed out to z≈5. Additionally, we use the likelihood ratio method to automatically cross-match the radio and optical catalogues and compare this to the visually cross-matched catalogue. We find that 94 per cent of our radio source catalogue can be matched with this method, with a reliability of 95 per cent. We proceed to show that visual classification will still remain an essential process for the cross-matching of complex and extended radio sources. In the near future, the MIGHTEE survey will be expanded in area to cover a total of ∼20~deg2; thus the combination of automated and visual identification will be critical. We compare redshift distribution of SFG and AGN to the SKADS and T-RECS simulations and find more AGN than predicted at z∼1.

Reference: MIGHTEE: multi-wavelength counterparts in the COSMOS field, I. H. WhittamM. PrescottC. L. HaleM .J. JarvisI. HeywoodFangxia AnM. GlowackiN. MaddoxL. MarchettiL. K. MorabitoN. J. AdamsR. A. A. BowlerP. W. HatfieldR. G. VaradarajJ. CollierB. FrankA.R. TaylorM. G. SantosM. VaccariJ. AfonsoY. AoJ. DelhaizeK. KnowlesS. KolwaS. M. RandriamampandryZ. RandriamanakotoO. SmirnovD. J. B. SmithS. V. White, submitted to MNRAS, arXiv:2310.17409