Graduated Students

PhD list

Student NameSupervisorsThesis titleGraduated year
Siyambonga MatshawuleM Santos / R Maartens / M SpinelliHI intensity mapping: impact of primary beam effects2023
Harris MM Cluwer / T JarrettDisentangling Star formation and AGN activity in the GAMA (G23) region.2021
Jolicoeur SR MaartensThe observed bispectrum for SKA and other galaxy surveys2019
Witzemann AM SantosCosmology with next generation radio telescopes2019
Hassan SR DaveSimulating the neutralhydrogen distribution during cosmic reionization2018
Rafieferantsoa MR DaveNeutral hydrogen in galaxies; its content and the effect of environment on its evolution2018
Hashim MR MaartensImprints of primordial non-Gaussianity on the large-scale structure of the Universe.2016
Okeng’o GR MaartensModelling the growth of large-scale structure with interacting fluids2015
Duniya AR MaartensRelativistic corrections to the power spectrum2015
Yahya SR MaartensUsing supernova and galaxy data to test dark energy models.2015
Ratsimbazafy AC CressGalaxy evolution and cosmology studies using luminous red galaxies.2014
Randriamampandrey SC CressFar-Infrared-Radio relations in clusters and groups at intermediate redshift.2014
Cunnama DC CressGalaxy evolution and cosmology using supercomputer simulations.2013
Passmoor SC CressClustering studies of radio-selected galaxies2011

MSc List

Student NameSupervisorsThesis titleGraduated year
Chaka MofokengMattia Vaccari / Russ TaylorSupervised Machine Learning Techniques for Radio Source Classification2023
Mpendulo SibiyaL Leeuw / M SantosInterstellar Medium Scaling Relations in Cosmological Simulations2023
Verlon EtsebethM LochnerAnomaly Detection With Machine Learning In Astronomical Images2022
Malema RamonyaiM LochnerApplication of Anomaly Detection Techniques to Astrophysical Transients2022
Thando MothogoaneE Elson An hi study of the nearby dwarf galaxy ic 47102021
Ndaliso XE Elson / R MaartensA study of the nearby interacting galaxy pair NGC1512/15102021
Townsend MM Santos / S PaulNeutral hydrogen intensity mapping on small scales using MeerKAT2021
Kopana MR Maartens / S JolicoeurTesting gravity with MeerKAT and the SKA2021
Isaacs NE Elson / M SantosA multi-scale study of the star formation law in THINGS galaxies2021
Tladi ME Elson / R MaartensThe effects of point spread functions on HI spectral line stacking experiments2020
Tshiwawa UE ElsonA Study of angumomentum content of early-type galaxies2019
Randriamiarinarivo NR MaartensDetermining the observer’s velocity using radio continuum surveys2019
Baloyi AR MaartensTesting the statistical isotropy of the Universe using radio survey data2019
Randrianjanahary LM SantosCosmology with HI intensity mapping: effect of higher order corrections2019
Engelbrecht BM SantosExtracting the Baryon Acoustic Oscillations using HI Intensity Mapping with MeerKAT2019
Mathewson WR Maartens Probing the primordial Universe using the SKA in combination with other cosmological surveys2019
Viljoen J AR MaartensTesting gravity with redshift-space distortions, using MeertKat and the SKA2018
Malefahlo EM SantosMeasuring the quasar luminosity function below the detection threshold2017
Kolwa SM JarvisThe effects of environment on black-hole accretion2017
Matika SM SantosCosmology in the epoch of reionization with the SARAO and percursors2017
Ocran ER Taylor / M VaccariThe Nature of the MicroJy Source Population2016
Ngobese SM SantosPoint source simulations and Foreground cleaning techniques for HI intensity mapping2016
Mungwariri CM SantosWhy do galaxies turn off?2015
Matshawule SR MaartensProbing the large-scale of the Universe with future galaxy surveys.2015
Jolicoeur SR MaartensProbing dark energy and modified gravity with the Square Kilometre Array.2015
Gouws LR MaartensRedshift space distortions as a probe of dark energy2014
Rafieferantsoa MR DaveThe impact of environment and merges on the HI content of galaxies in hydrodynamic simulations2014
Elmufti MR MaartensPerturbations of Dark Energy models2013
Duniya AR MaartensPromoted to PhD2013
Yahya SR MaartensPromoted to PhD2013
Hashim MR MaartensPromoted to PhD2013
Madhanpall NM Jarvis/M SantosA Large-Scale Clustering Analyses of Radio Galaxies2013