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The Universe’s Biggest 3D Map

13th Feb 2015

Press release from  : South African astronomers are gearing up to join international experts to undertake a survey that will create the biggest map of the universe ever made. The survey, which will generate a three-dimensional (3D) map of the …

Sourav Mitra

Young Astronomer Award

28th Jul 2014

UWC postdoc Sourav Mitra has been named Young Astronomer of the Year 2013 by the Astronomical Society of India, for work he published on formation rates of dark matter haloes.  Details of the award can be found here:  

SKA design phase – press announcement!

6th Nov 2013

Taken from the SKA website   Hundreds of world’s experts engaged in the final race for designing the largest radio telescope on earth 4 November 2013, SKA Headquarters, Jodrell Bank Observatory, UK The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Project enters a …

Cosmology on Ultralarge Scales with Intensity Mapping

28th Oct 2013

A new PRL paper from UWCs’, Mário Santos! Get the full article here. Cosmology on Ultralarge Scales with Intensity Mapping of the Neutral Hydrogen 21 cm Emission: Limits on Primordial Non-Gaussianity Stefano Camera1,2,*, Mário G. Santos1,2,†, Pedro G. Ferreira3,‡, and Luís Ferramacho1,2 1CENTRA, …