The Centre for Radio Cosmology at the University of the Western Cape invites applications for
a postdoctoral fellowship in areas of research relevant to its faculty members. These include:
observational and theoretical Cosmology related to MeerKAT/SKAO and its synergies with
other telescopes (with particular emphasis on the MeerKAT HI intensity mapping project), HI
galaxy science, machine learning, and radio astronomy techniques among others. For further
details on possible research projects, please contact the relevant faculty member.

The CRC is internationally recognized for its research in cosmology with MeerKAT, SKAO and
other radio and optical/IR telescopes, such as HERA, HIRAX and the Rubin Observatory
(LSST). In 2023, the UWC Astro Group consists of 25 PhD/MSc students, 12 postdoctoral
fellows, 7 faculty members and several visiting faculty ( The CRC has close
links with the inter-university Institute for Data Intensive Astronomy ( and the
South African Radio Astronomy Observatory ( South Africa hosts MeerKAT,
one of the largest radio interferometers in the world and will be the host of the SKAO Mid
array. UWC itself is located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, with excellent cultural and
outdoor activities.

The expected remuneration for 2024 is ZAR 450 000 per annum, tax-free, subject to
corrections for inflation. Additional funding is available for equipment, travel and relocation
expenses. The positions are for 2 years, with a possible third year, subject to satisfactory


Applicants should email a single PDF document containing:

● a CV (including a list of publications)
● a description of previous/current research and future plans/interests (maximum: 3 pages)

Reference letters (2-3) must be sent directly by the referees before the deadline.

Email address:
Deadline: January 8, 2024

A PhD in Astrophysics or a relevant field is required before appointment. The appointment is
subject to the rules and approval of the University of the Western Cape and the National
Research Foundation of South Africa.