Receiving Credit for Research Software (Webinar, Friday 15th of May @11:30)

Alice Allen (Editor of the Astrophysics Source Code Library – ASCL

Journal articles detail the general logic behind new results and ideas, but often the source codes that enable these results remain hidden from public view and those who author these computational methods have not always received credit for their work. This presentation will cover recent changes in astronomy, and indeed, in many other disciplines, that include new journals, policy changes for existing journals, community resources such as the Astrophysics Source Code Library, changes to infrastructure, and availability of new workflows that make recognizing the contributions of software authors easier. This talk will include steps coders can take to increase the probability of having their software cited correctly and steps researchers can take to improve their articles by including citations for the computational methods that enabled their research.  
For those interested, please email to receive the Zoom link.