Narusha Isaacs


Email: narusha.isaacs at

I completed my B.Sc in Physics at the University of the Western Cape(2017), followed by my B.Sc Honours in Astrophysics and Space Science at the University of Cape Town through the National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme(2018). I am currently doing my M.Sc in Astrophysics through the Centre for Radio Cosmology under the supervision of Dr E. Elson and co-supervisors Prof. M. Santos as well as Dr B. Qing. My research focuses on studying the star formation of 5 galaxies using multi-wavelength data. The 4 sets of data for each galaxy comes from THINGS(HI), HERACLES(CO), WISE 1(Infrared) and WISE3(Infrared). I will also be studying star formation of a galaxy using MeerKat data.