Lerothodi Leeuw


Email: Lerothodi at alum.mit.edu


Multi-wavelength astrophysical research on star-formation, variable stars and the evolution of elliptical galaxies and clusters and their progenitors, in both gravitationally lensed and un-lensed systems, exploiting observations at optical to radio and complementary wavebands from ground and space telescopes. Exploitation of gravitational lensed systems for studies of extragalactic and cosmological dark matter and distant galaxies. Probing the physical structure of active and radio galaxies, as well as star-forming regions. Astroparticle Physics: Exploring the intersection of astrophysics and particle physics. Oral Historical Studies: Conducting, archiving and analyzing interviews of individuals involved in astronomy and other unique professional specializations in South Africa. Leadership and Management: Science, technical and academic organizations and entities.