The University of the Western Cape Astronomy Group is committed to outreach to the local communities near our main campus. As a group, we want to educate the local communities on astronomy, the night sky, education opportunities, job opportunities, and the South African telescopes and observing facilities: the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope, the Southern Africa Large Telescope optical telescope, the Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory, the South African Astronomical Observatory, the High Energy Stereoscopic System, and the South African National Space Agency. At the same time, we are interested in better preparing high school students to become science & technology majors at university; thus, our outreach programmes include mathematics and science skill development. Every member of our group participates in our outreach programme. In the future, we hope that those communities that we serve will send their students to UWC for their undergraduate degrees.


Elsies River High School lectures

In 2015, we partnered with Elsies River High School for a long term engagement with one of the grade 11 science classes. Working with their science teacher, Mr. Gordon, we committed to visiting the class weekly for 15 lessons and assessment. We presented a list of potential topics and from these Mr. Gordon selected the ones most appropriate for his class. Our goal was to supplement the normal science content, not replace the teacher. Mr Gordon and the students gave positive reviews of the outreach programme as well as made suggestions for implementation in the coming years.

TitleAuthorsAdditional material
LightSahba Yahya, Jarita Holbrook, Patrice Okouma
Our Solar System & Its PlanetsRudi-lee, Stephen Fine, Nikhita
Gravity & Celestial MechanicsAdams, Imogen, Obinna
Stars - to the Point of DeathMika, Enrico
Death & Reincarnation of StarsJolicoeur, Emmanuel, Enrico
TelescopesSthabile Kolwa, Michelle Cluver, Russ Taylor
From Stars to GalaxiesRudi-lee, Prina, Sourav
From Galaxies to ClustersSultan Hussan, Romeel
The Cosmic WebStabile, Michelle Cluver, Mattia
The Early UniverseTakalani, Roy, José Fonseca
The Distance LadderSiya, Russell J, Matt P
What is the Universe made of?Emmanuel, Dan Cunnama, Jolicoeur
South Africa & The Square Kilometre ArraySibonelo, Jonathan Zwart, Jose FonsecaInterferometer, Jose Fonseca Lecture, Jon Zwart Lecture,
Thoughts from a MSc student...SiboneloSibonelo Ngobese Lecture