CompaCT: Comparison Cape Town

The 3rd in the series of nIFTy Cluster Comparison workshops is currently being held at the Centre for High Performance Computing in Cape Town. The Cluster Comparison project aims to compare various cutting edge Hydro-dynamical codes and has already resulted in 5 publications with a few more expected to come out of the current workshop.

We now have comparison data available for 6 clusters and various projects have been initiated this week, including:

– Tracking individual halos through cosmic time to investigate pre-processing, gas stripping and backsplash.
– The formation and evolution of protoclusters.
– Ionization fractions at high redshift.
– Investigation into sources of hydrostatic mass bias.


This workshop has been organised by UWC/SKA Postdoc Daniel Cunnama and the CHPC’s Sean February and has included four UWC Students who have had on opportunity to become involved in a large and successful collaboration including scientists from around the world and thus give them first hand experience in such projects and build the local simulation community.