José Fonseca


I’m a Post-doc in Cosmology at UWC since 2014. I’m very interested in studying the Large Scale Structure of the Universe using radio surveys, namely with HI Intensity Mapping. In addition I focus on synergies between Radio and Optical/IR surveys for improved measurements of the cosmological model. Using the multi-tracer technique these synergies can give transformational measurements of quantities on the largest scales of the universe. This will give further tests to theories of Gravity, deviations from Standard Cosmological Model and the physics of the Early Universe. Techniques such Intensity Mapping open new windows to probe the universe. I’m also interested in studying how other galactic emission lines can be use to make intensity maps of the distribution o matter in the universe. Namely, how one disentangle all contributions to the observed power spectra as well as the statistical techniques to measure cosmological and astrophysical parameters.


Affiliations: UWC

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