International Young Astronomers School on Large Ground-based 21st Century Radio Instruments: ALMA/NOEMA – SKA/LOFAR/NenuFAR

From November 16th to November 20th 2015, young astronomers from all over the world will meet in Sèvres under Paris to hear about exciting developments in the world of radio astronomy. The school will focus on all major large ground based radio observational facilities working in the radio centimeter and millimeter range.

In the short radio wavelength regime both Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) and NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array are providing exciting observations of stars and planetary systems in various stages of formation.

Low Frequency ARray (LOFAR) and LOFAR Super Station in Nancay (NenuFAR), both Square Kilometre Arrays (SKA) demonstrators, are sampling the other side of the radio spectrum making discoveries in wide range of science topics like transient radio sky, pulsars, solar physics or space weather.

Students will have the occasion to follow courses from some of the top scientists in the field. Ample time for discussions is scheduled, as well as various hands on sessions.

UWC postoc Maciej Serylak is going to tutor the students during the hands-on session dedicated to observations of pulsars with LOFAR.