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New Centre for Radio Cosmology at UWC

3rd Feb 2016

The Astrophysics group is pleased to announce the creation of a new research centre – Centre for Radio Cosmology (CRC) funded by the South African SKA Project. The centre, led by prof. Mario Santos, aims to fully exploit the use …

SKA Key Science Workshop in Stockholm

10th Sep 2015

The SKA Key Science Workshop kicked off on Monday 24th August in Stockholm, Sweden. In attendance of the event which terminated on Thursday the 27th, were some 150 astronomers from 23 different countries. The event also marked the first of a …


UWC Featured in Recent SKA-Newsletter

9th Mar 2015

A map like nothing on earth Scientists from around the world have joined forces to lay the foundations for an experiment of truly astronomical proportions: putting together the biggest map of the universe ever made. Scientists from South Africa are …


UWC Postdoctoral Positions in Cosmology with the SKA

18th Feb 2015

 The Astrophysics Group at the University of the Western Cape, invites applications for two postdoctoral positions in cosmology. The group has grown dramatically in recent years, with 6 faculty members, 17 postdocs and 14 postgrad students. The group is deeply …

Cosmology on Ultralarge Scales with Intensity Mapping

28th Oct 2013

A new PRL paper from UWCs’, Mário Santos! Get the full article here. Cosmology on Ultralarge Scales with Intensity Mapping of the Neutral Hydrogen 21 cm Emission: Limits on Primordial Non-Gaussianity Stefano Camera1,2,*, Mário G. Santos1,2,†, Pedro G. Ferreira3,‡, and Luís Ferramacho1,2 1CENTRA, …